Ice Crew


The Ice Crew Spirit Team is a group of UGA students who engage in promoting spirit and excitement at all home UGA Ice Hockey games. Ice Crew members serve as public relations ambassadors for UGA Hockey and promote the program on the UGA campus and throughout the Athens community.

The overall purpose of the spirit team will be to increase crowd involvement at home games through a variety of programs, events, and activities centered around the games held in the Classic Center Akins Arena in Athens.  

While being able to ice skate is not a requirement, we do encourage folks who can skate to apply, or non-skaters who would be interested in learning to skate. Skaters must provide your own skates and bring them with you to home games.


Each team member will be interviewed by the UGA Hockey Foundation. The panel will be looking for candidates who are outgoing, dedicated, and who are passionate about engaging the public. Ice Crew members will have the spirit and enthusiasm to help to lead a crowd of attendees at hockey games and be able to work well as part of a team and with a level of autonomy.

Team members must be friendly, have a positive attitude, and be willing to engage fans in the game. As public relations ambassadors, you will be interacting with fans, visiting teams, donors and potential donors, and of course, other members of the UGA Hockey organization. 

In return, we strive to provide an environment where you can meet people from the local community and from the regional hockey community, expand and grow your client interaction skills, foster leadership and creativity, and have fun while doing so!


The Ice Crew is essential in creating a fun, engaging, UGA Hockey home game experience. In a normal season, there are between 10 – 12 home games. Ice Crew members are expected to attend as many home games as possible. 

We recognize that there will always be some scheduling conflicts that arise, but if you cannot make a game, you will need to notify the Ice Crew team captain(s) in advance – the more notice, the better. You will be expected to make at least 7 home games.

Members shall at all times exercise good citizenship and conduct themselves professionally and in a manner that projects a positive image for them, the UGA Hockey Team and the Foundation. This includes both in person and on social media. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Ice Crew. 

Alcoholic beverages are served at the Classic Center during hockey games. Team members are prohibited from consuming any alcoholic beverages before or during a game.  

Uniforms will be provided to each member of the team and will consist of a jacket, pants, and shirt. You will be expected to wear your uniform at all home games and at any appearances where you would be asked to join the team. It is also expected that you maintain the outfit and keep them clean.  

As a rule, there are no Ice Crew practice sessions. However, there may be an occasion to call the team together for a meeting. You will be expected to attend these meetings.

Arrive at the Classic Center at least 30 minutes prior to the doors opening to the public and plan on staying until 30 minutes after the game ends. Part of your duties will include:

  • Greeting guests as they arrive
  • Setting up and taking down promotional activities (Chuck-a-Puck, raffles, etc.)
  • Being available as needed to assist other UGA Hockey staff

During games, you will help motivate the audience and engage in intermission and timeout events, including:

  • Engaging the audience throughout the game, directing them to raffles, Chuck-a-Puck, other activities
  • During the two intermissions, lead audience members through on-ice activities like Chuck-a-Puck, seal races, and other games
  • Skaters will be asked to move goals for the zamboni after warm ups and during intermissions
  • During timeouts or breaks, throw t-shirts or use the t-shirt cannon to encourage and reward audience participation
  • Being available as needed to assist other UGA Hockey staff

We’re excited that you’re interested in joining UGA Hockey and we’re ready to welcome a new cohort of Ice Crew members! We’re ready for your spirit and enthusiasm to help make the 2021-2022 season a winning one!

Apply now!