The UGA Hockey Team and Hockey Foundation are looking for UGA students who would like to be involved in game operations while not actually being on the hockey team.  Our interns and staff participants have an incredible opportunity to advance their strengths and interests, meet guests who attend home games, build transferable skills, and help in specific areas that may prepare them for a career when they graduate.  Our interns may develop contacts for future opportunities, develop teamwork, and learn management skills, all while helping their fellow students on the team.  You will become part of the excitement known as UGA Hockey while you gain a valuable and enjoyable experience.    


Our positions do not require any prior experience.  Although some areas of interest may rely on your ability to recall skills you may have acquired in school or in life, most positions will allow you to gain some valuable experience and have a good time in the process.   Our positions are open to any student enrolled at UGA unless approved by the Hockey Foundation administration.   


The Akins Arena at the Classic Center is home to the UGA Ice Dawgs.  The vast part of game operations will be handled by the Classic Center staff.  However, our interns and staff have a vital role in the success of the program.  Interns and staff will be expected to attend and work as many home games as possible.  There will be 10-12 home games during the regular season.  As UGA students it is understood that there will be some conflicts with schedules.  The expectation is that members will commit to attend at least 7-8 home games.  If you must be absent we would ask you to notify your supervisor in advance so that positions can be filled as necessary.   

Members shall at all times exercise good citizenship, be friendly, and conduct themselves in a manner that projects a positive image for the UGA Hockey Team, Foundation as well as themselves.  

A uniform or some type of identifying shirt and/or name tag may be provided to each member of the staff and you will be asked to wear these items at all home games.  Our staff should have a polished and professional look.  Because the arena is generally cold you should dress appropriately which includes wearing pants, appropriate shoes and having a jacket available.  

There will be an orientation meeting prior to the hockey season followed by regular meetings on an as need basis.  You will be expected to attend these meetings unless excused by the supervisor.  

You will be given instructions regarding arrival at the Classic Center prior to each game.  Parking is available in the deck behind the Arena but you must see your supervisor to receive a voucher to exit the deck

Alcoholic beverages are served at the Classic Center during hockey games.  However, you will be prohibited from consuming any alcoholic beverages before or during a game.  

This season will be the third year our team will be playing in the Akins Arena at the Classic Center.  Thank you for your interest in the intern/staff opportunity.   It is our hope that you will benefit from the experience as well as help make UGA Hockey an enjoyable sport for UGA students and all hockey fans.

INTERN/STAFF POSITIONS:  (These are some of the more popular positions)

Social Media – these positions involve a strong knowledge and understanding of the digital media landscape, including various social media websites.  Responsibilities include posting on blogs, forums and social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others.  Those working in with this area should gain a ton of great online experience.  

Merchandise Sales – these positions will assist with the preparation and selection of various types of merchandise to be sold at home games and other outlets in order to provide financial assistance to the team and overall program.  Responsibilities include assisting with the selection of items to be sold, ordering products, setting up, selling and taking down of merchandise at games, tracking sales by inventory, and assisting with a variety of other roles as necessary.  

Public Relations/Marketing– these positions will work with all aspects of the public relations field.  These individuals should possess very good communication skills, demonstrate creativity, have a solid understanding of social media, and understand the importance of attending to even the smallest details.  These positions will serve as a link between the Team, Foundation and the Classic Center Marketing Staff and assist with all forms of media.  

Game Management & Logistics – these positions will work directly with the Classic Center staff and assist in a variety of game day functions which might include scoring, game statistics, clock operation, music, lighting, event preparations, and a wide variety of last minute details that may be needed.  These positions require staff who will commit to being present at most home games because their role is vital to the success of the event.  

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